How to start online business with no money

How to start an online business with no money

Starting an online business is the most affordable business option and for the most part, can be started from home.

Beyond making sure you’re registered as a business entity, all you actually need to get going is a home office (and even that isn’t a strict necessity), a reliable internet connection, and some excellent entrepreneurial follow through.

Do not begin utilizing paid ads at the moment. There are multiple ways in which you can advertise your service or digital product at no cost. Don’t think of managing paid ads immediately because you have no funds. As an entrepreneur, you just use what you possess right now. Concentrate on free but efficient marketing strategies now.

How to start online business with no money

It all begins with an idea. You can start a business with limited or no money, but that's not the same as starting without resources. In fact, the more resources you have, the fewer funds you will need. By resources, we can consider some such as intelligence, creativity, social circle, experience, education and knowledge in general, the time available, the capability to connect seemingly unconnected points, the ability to see possibilities where no one else sees them, manual, games, creative or physical talents in general, intelligent skills, health and so on.

Don't try to find the black thread at first. There are methods that are already winners; choose one and innovate on it: more affordable, luxury, more reliable service, personalized, easier, more attractive, quicker, at home, in an application ...

Take into account that then you will have to adjust that idea to the immediate and get it to work only with the resources you possess. I suggest keeping it easy at the beginning.

Hopefully, one of the ideas listed below will strike a chord:

  • Freelance writer
  • Social media consultant
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • SEO consultant
  • Business coach
  • App developer
  • Online retailer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Artisan
  • Patron-backed creator
  • Uber Driver
  • Security Sales

Don't forget to get your piece of the pie from platforms like, where you can register for FREE and promote your services or find good deals

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Business Plan

I suggest you contain:

  • Description of the business. A few paragraphs, but if you can a line, the better. The requirement is that anyone who reads it immediately understands your product or service.
  • Budgeting. That is, how much money do you need and what other resources you possess, such as time, education, knowledge, connections, potential associates, potential customers, etc.
  • Quick actions under the given budget.

Funding Options

If you don't have any funds, there are multiple ways to get them and reinvest in your paid ads:

  • ask for funds
  • work to get them
  • most banks will pay you from 50$ to 200$ if you open an account with them. Use this money to redeem Google, Bing, Yelp, and other relevant ad credits that will get applied to your accounts, It will help you get the first sales.

If you already have experience in the field in which you want to undertake, then you can ask and you have these financing options:

  • Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding platforms. If you don't understand it and you believe your idea won't be attractive enough, you should make some research on the crazy projects that have viewed the light of day in this way.
  • Government Support: Look for small business funding opportunities from the regional or national authority for startups. There are currently various methods for it.
  • Private financing: Banks, investment companies, or moneylenders. Just be cautious what you sign, because a variable or bad interest rate can stop your plan before it begins. In fact, this kind of funding is suggested only when you have confirmed that your business operates and generates sufficient profits to pay the credits obtained. That is, to scale the business.
  • Angel investment: There are networks of high-risk investors that put the seed capital of promising businesses or plans. Do some study on the internet as there are frequent calls for competitions to receive these funds.

And if you do not have a way to obtain any of the above choices, you always have yourself, the source of investment that is never lacking is YOUR OWN BUSINESS. In other words, don't wait, use your brains and hands to research as much information as possible regarding your product or service, including competitor research. Look how and where they advertise and do the same until you start generating income.

Also, you can get a preferred job in the area where you desire to start your business. In this way, you will obtain two things, priceless experience that you can utilize in your future business and cash to fund it.

Start small by thinking big

When starting a business there is no money to reach. The more you have, the more you spend, so keep it as low as possible. Adjust your business model to avoid as many expenses as possible (avoid additional rents, salaries and services). Make the internet your store, your school, your marketing center, your methods of contact, everything.

Prepare a list of the things that will be essential for your business and another of the things that you could get for free, do them on your own or exchange them with others who have what you want and who want what you can provide.

This trail may take you some time and you may have to study different digital skills, but that will make you improve as a person and in the future as an entrepreneur.

Sales and adjustments

Start with your natural market, that is, everyone you know, family, friends, previous coworkers, etc. Send a message to each and every connection in your agenda to let everyone know the product or service that you provide. After making your first sale, don't forget to request feedback on the service and quality of everything you provide. In this way, you can begin creating a better customer experience with the corresponding adjustments.


  • Lowering expenses: Regardless of the area of your project or business, you need to keep this idea as a mantra. Keep expenses low both financially and in time and effort.
  • Planning and Budget: In these uncertain times, you need to plan ahead and be ready to cover your expenses and those of your business for at least one year, which is the time in which you should have reached your point of equilibrium and marketing goals.
  • Regime before the Treasury: You can begin as a natural person and the moment you notice that your business hits, you can switch to a legal person.

Get to understand what works and what does not work for you and your business. You can only do this by practicing what you learn. Do not spend your time on tactics that you find challenging to understand. There is always an alternative way of making something happen.

You will definitely reach a point where you will feel like giving up. Maybe your customers will not buy your products or services as fast as you anticipated or you might find it difficult working on a job while creating your business. Do not give up. Do what you can every day to the best of your abilities. Be patient. As an entrepreneur, you will definitely need to be patient most of the time to reap the rewards. As the saying goes, patience pays.

Will you make a lot of mistakes? Of course (and more than you think). Each and every one of your steps will have to be corrected and you will need to take others that had not even crossed your mind. But don't worry, it's natural. Just adjust and keep moving. If you will have any questions, feel free to ask me, I will be glad to help, guide and assist during your path.

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